Tailored Audience Experiences
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A cloud based, no IT, scalable platform driving site personalization & segmentation for delivery of personalized content, product recommendations, tailored emails and targeted promotions on the basis of visitor characteristics to get the yes - every time.
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Comprehencive Solution

One Stop Comprehencive Solution to deliver the right experience to the right visitor
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    Win back customers with remarking emails

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    An exit offer pop up that is presented to visitors at the very moment they try to leave your site

    Combat Cart Abandonment with Pop Up Promotions

The Journey from a Generic Experience to Personalized Delight

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Why Should You Use Personyze to Boost Your Business?

Make it personal

Make your visitors feel valued and cherished by offering them true personalized experience .

Pinpoint targeting out of the box

Use 70 plus out of the box characteristics as well as CRM data through our no IT CRM integration to set targeting and personalization rules.

Timely, relevant and valuable engagement

Drive guaranteed action through the use of clever and relevant marketing techniques that are used just in time!

Launch campaigns in minutes

Launch personalization campaigns in minutes, not hours and without IT help.

Codeless Personalization

No need to write a single line of code for the extremely sophisticated dynamic personalization and recommendations offered.

CDN for fast Response Rate

Regardless of their Physical Geo-Location, Allow Your Visitors to Enjoy the Response Rate, Loading Time, and Browsing Speed provided by Amazon Cloud and a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Personalization expert at your service

Avail of the expert advice of Personyze consultants through ad-hoc managed services or do things completely in-house.

Start at just $199 per month

No commitments! Start at just $199 per month and cancel any time.

That’s Great!

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The Personyze Pricing Plans for Every Need

Upgrade or downgrade any time. Pay as You Go option for monthly plans!

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Standard Plans:

Ideal for Small Sites that Want to Grab the Low Hanging Fruits of Personalization with Audience Improvement across the Website

Premium Plans:

Ideal for Large Sites that Want Full Throttle Personalization with Audience Improvement across All Brand Channels


Truly Free Account with No Hidden Catches

  • Valid for 5000 Page Views a Month
  • Valid for 1 Main Domain
  • Doesn’t Include a ‘Getting Started Kit’
  • Doesn’t Include Access to APIs for integration
  • Support: Email Support Only

Standard Package

$2689 249 Annualy
  • Valid for 250,000 Page Views a Month
  • Valid for 2 Main Domains and Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • 25 Campaigns
  • 2 Users


  • 100,000 Page Views @ $20/Month
  • Getting Started Kit’


  • 1 Site Campaign and
  • 1 Recovery/Remarketing Email
  • Doesn’t Include Access to APIs for integration
  • Support: Phone & Email Support

Enterprise Package

$4860 450 Annualy
  • Valid for 1 Million Page Views a Month
  • Valid for 5 Main Domains and Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • 50 Campaigns
  • 5 Users


  • 100,000 Page Views @ $20/Month
  • Getting Started Kit’


  • CRM Data Integration
  • 2 Site Campaigns and Content/Product
  • Recommendation Set-Up
  • Support: Ongoing Optimization
    Consultation with Account Manager

Managed Account

$9709 899 Annualy

The Sit & Watch the Conversions Package

We take over all respon- sibilities of your Personyze Account. Your dedicated account manager creates strategy, oversees implementation with minimum resources.

Valid for:

  • 1 Million250,000 Page Views a Month
  • 5 Domains & Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • 100 Campaigns
  • 100,000 Additional Page Views @ $10/Month
  • Support: Consultation, Implemen-
    tation & Optimization

Agency License

Manage multiple client accounts from one account

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Cancel your existing package and upgrade or downgrade any time. Pay as You Go option for monthly plans!

Flexible Packaging

Our Experts! Your Conversions!

No time to implement personalization campaigns? We offer managed service at $199 plus the monthly fee of your chosen package.

Audience-Oriented A/B Testing

Audience-Oriented A/B Testing

A/B and Multivariate test site wide campaigns for particular segments or control groups (defined Personyze IDs) to ensure only the people who matter view personalization.

Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Use 70 plus out of the box targeting rules and criteria for laser focused segmentation.

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Re-claim 60% of your sales with cart abandonment retargeting emails and exit intent detection technology.

Content Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Content Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Intuitive and dynamic content recommendations that take into account on-site behavior, uploaded data and past session insights

CRM & Social Data Targeting

CRM & Social Data Targeting

Use offline CRM data and social insights to make your site campaigns so much better.

Detailed Statistics Reports

Detailed Statistics Reports

Statistics that put Google Analytics to shame! Drill down into the nuances of who is being targeted right, what can be improved, the ROI of your various campaigns and a lot more.

Product Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Product Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Highly powerful real-time product recommendations based on latest interests of buyers and visitors. Improves sales by 20%.

WYSIWYG/Template for Popups/Baners/Emails

WYSIWYG/Template for Popups/Baners/Emails

Slick and sophisticated, customizable templates for delivering content, recommendations, promotions and emails.

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